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Services and Software for  actionable CX Insights 

eXperience Insights Architecture

Feedback Business Quality Opinion Servic

Closed Loop Feedback

An effectively constructed and integrated feedback loop, will bring the voice of both customers and employees to the hart of the organization and supply all stakeholders with a continuous stream of actionable, operational and tactical insights.

Living-Data designs, integrates and implements feedback loops that support a customer based culture and X Management

Market Research Marketing Strategy Busin

Strategic Research

CX and Brand strategies can't exist without deeper insights into both customer and employee motivation. Qualitative and quantitave research should be integrated with strategic goals and existing data in onder to deliver maximum value. 

Living-Data designs and excecutes research that feeds the eXperience strategy and integrates with feedback loops 


Powerful Software

CYS offers the best software in the world for collecting, merging and visualizing insights from customers, employees and business data. Implementing  the right tool is key to successful customer based management.

Living-Data implements and integrates CYS software and offers both training and coaching.

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Living-Data helps organizations to bring data to life and increase the Return on data Investement. In these ‘eXperience’ days, the gap between available data and used data only seems to be growing. Insights Architecture takes your strategic goals as a starting point and then combines different data sources in order to ensure that all relevant stakeholders in your organization receive actionable insights at exactly the right time.


Living-Data offers a unique combination of knowledge and experience in the area of strategic marketing, customer and employee experience, market research, feedback, reporting and digitization. Based on this expertise, we create and implement an ‘eXperience Insights Architecture’ that supports and upholds your eXperience strategy on a day to day basis

eXperience Information Architecture

Customer insight, transactional feedback, employee engagement, BI, CRM, all these sources feed into daily CX Management. Independent of how big or CX savvy your organization is, Living-Data will ensure that the data you invest in will add value and thus bring you the ROI you are looking for.


Activities of Living-Data are, the alignment of research with strategy and brand, the setup and execution of feedback programs and/or market research, the integration of different data sources, analysis on existing data, the translation of data to usable and workable management information, dashboards, reporting, training, coaching and inspiration sessions.  



Pim van der Bomen

By implementing closed loop feedback, Living -Data has contributed significantly to the customer centric strategy of WVDB! 


Thanks to the integration of strategic research and customer feedback, excecuted by Living-Data, Port of Amsterdam is becoming more and more a truly customer centric organization.

LD BG04.jpg

Dave Timmers

With the use of CYS software,  Living-Data has created visually strong and easy to interpret dashboard for customers of Nuchter.

Stefanie Meltzer

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